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White laundry with pink neutral tones

If you're using your laundry to dry clothes, make sure you're maximising your laundry's airing capacity. Here are some easy (and sustainable) planning and design tips.


Dry spell

Maximising a laundry’s drying potential and reducing reliance on an energy-guzzling tumble dryer will save a homeowner money, preserve clothes and boost a home’s green credentials. If building or renovating, the ideal position of the laundry provides easy access to the backyard and the clothesline. It’s also important to consider how wet washing will be sorted and dried indoors. “The best drying laundries have cross ventilation, a large window for catching the day's best sun, a drying rail and floor space for a drying rack in front of a window,” says Druce Davey of design studio Greener.

On the rack

A built-in rack is an efficient way to increase drying capacity. A simple solution is to fit a rail over the work bench space and hang clothes on coathangers. A wall-fitted, retractable multi-line airer is also a precious space saver. Telescopic extension is a great innovation: look for extendable airers that can hold large loads or items such as bedsheets.

Laundry cabinets with built-in Flatpax utility drying rack

Combat damp

Good ventilation is essential in a laundry; dryers pump out warm, damp air, particularly if they’re front-vented and not ducted to the outdoors. Hanging wet washing over a rack can also add to a home’s moisture levels. High humidity is no-one’s friend, causing washing to take longer to dry, and can also be dangerous for people who suffer from allergies or asthma. Ventilation (ideally by fresh air, but also by extractor fan or dehumidifier) is essential for airing out laundry areas. “The use of wet room wall linings, fully tiled walls and mould-inhibiting grouts and paints is also suggested for creating a warm room, to give it longevity and to make it a healthier space,” adds Druce.

White laundry room featuring brass cabinet handles and vertical wall tile design

Don't forget storage

For more laundry hacks, check out our storage tips with six brilliant storage solutions for your laundry.


Photo credit: Shania Shegedyn, Flatpax, Jody D'Arcy and Kate Claridge


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