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Serene Classic S2068 Wall Mounted Heaters


Serene Classic S2068 Bathroom Heaters that were sold at Bunnings Warehouse from February 2020


Manufacturing defect


Product may overheat and/or cause fires

What should I do?

Immediately stop using the product & contact Bunnings, with your proof of purchase, by telephone or email to arrange a refund or replacement product.

For further information:

Ph: 0800 561 109
Email: productrecalls@bunnings.co.nz
Online: www.bunnings.co.nz

Product.Rainbow Cover C2068MB.0296715.NZ.mainimage

AEG 58V Ultimate Battery (8Ah #A58BAT18) and (4Ah #A58BAT14)


The batteries have been sold through Bunnings or AEG Onsite Trade Solutions throughout New Zealand from 26th September 2022 to 5th January 2023, with a serial number manufacturing code of H2022, I2022, J2022, 42 2022, 43 2022, 44 2022, 45 2022, 46 2022, 47 2022 or 48 2022.These batteries may have been sold with tools in a combination kit format or sold seperately.


A component in the battery may fail causing the battery to overheat and ignite.


Risk of fire or burn injury.

What should I do?

Immediately stop using the affected batteries and remove it from the tool or charger that it may be in use with. Contact Techtronic Industries NZ Limited by telephone or email for either a replacement or a refund.

For further information Contact Techtronic Industries NZ Limited’s product service on 0800 028 491 (Free Call), or email customerservice@aegpowertools.co.nz, or see the website: www.aegpowertools.co.nz/support/safety
aeg battery shot

30 Seconds Deck and Driveway Cleaner 2L Hose End and Outdoor Cleaner 2L Hose End


SKU: 0130860 Outdoor Cleaner 2L Hose End 30 Seconds

SKU: 0229685 Deck and Driveway Cleaner 2L 30 Seconds

The issue may affect bottles with the following batch numbers purchased between September 2022 and January 2023 from various retail outlets:









Batch numbers are recorded on the back of the bottle near the bottom right hand corner.


The solution in some bottles may leak from the breather cap if tipped over.


Contact with the solution may cause skin and/or eye damage and may be harmful if the contents are ingested or inhaled.

What to Do:

Wear protective clothing, gloves and face/eye protection and check that the breather cap is secured. If the cap is secure and there are no leaks, then read the instructions and use as directed. Store out of reach of children.

If you identify a leak, or are unsure, place the bottle upright in a plastic bag, seal with a cable tie or packaging tape and place in a secure container out of reach of children until collection can be arranged.

Wash hands thoroughly after handling even if a leak wasn’t obvious.

If medical advice is required, immediately call the National Poisons Centre on 0800 764 766 or a Doctor.

Contact 30 Seconds to arrange collection and a full refund of affected bottles.

Supplier Contact:

30 Seconds


+64 7 880 9380


9 Garland Street, Matamata

30 Seconds Deck and Driveway Cleaner and Outdoor Cleaner in 2L.

Output Connector Clamps of Projecta Battery Chargers


The recall covers the output connector clamp of the Projecta battery chargers which were sold at hardware and automotive parts retailers between 2017 and 2022. Only Models AC008, AC015, AC040, AC080, SMC150, SMC400, SMC800 are affected.

The output connector clamps that have a visible engraved ‘Vo’ or yellow paint dot, are not part of this recall.


The plastic covers on the output connector clamps are not adequately resistant to fire. They may overheat and catch fire.


Risk of fire or burns causing serious injury.

What should I do?

Stop using the affected output connector clamps immediately.

For more information: Please visit the website https://www.projecta.com.au/technical-support/component-replacement-campaign_nz for further information and to register your details to receive replacement clamps.

Projecta charger recalled image

Brilliant Lighting Lagos 90w LED Slim Batten 1200mm Linear Lighting Fixture


SKU: 0147388

MODEL: 21001/05

Other identifying numbers
Batch numbers: VR2821, VR3821


The Light’s LED driver could overheat causing the housing to distort and melt.


Overheating could cause the unit to catch fire, with a risk of property damage or injury.

What should I do?

1. Do not turn on the fixture 

2. Check if your light has the specified batch codes, VR2821 or VR3821. 

3.The unit can be returned to your nearest Bunnings Store for a refund.

4.If the unit requires an Electrician to remove then please call the below number to arrange a service call to replace the unit with a similar fixture or to provide a refund.

For further information, please direct calls to 0800 438 529 to register a service call, visit https://www.brilliantlighting.com.au/recall/lagos

 Brilliant 90w LED Slim Batten Light