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Frame & Truss

Bunnings Frame and Truss supplies high quality frames and trusses for your project needs. Contact your Account Manager for more details.

Two Bunnings team members assembling a building frame with nail guns

The service

Bunnings Trade offers a complete Frame and Truss package. We supply the high quality materials you need for the pre-fabrication of wall frames, floors and roof trusses.

We have Frame and Truss manufactured using machine stress-graded kiln dried timbers or JFrame as an alternative. JFrame is a structural laminated veneer (LVL) gauged framing timber which is warp, twist and bow resistant. This means every length is straighter and dimensionally stable.

Our service includes

  • Detailed plan take off and quote service
  • Dedicated account management
  • Expert advice
  • Timely quotes
  • A free Quantity Surveyor service
  • Plus on-site delivery

More information

For advice on your next project call the Bunnings Support Centre on (09) 978 2200 and ask to speak to the Trade Team, email sales@bunnings.co.nz or contact your local Bunnings Account Manager.