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International trade services

Bunnings provides supply solutions for businesses in the Pacific and South East Asia. See how we can help with your business requirements.

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The service

Bunnings Trade is a trusted supply solution for building materials and other construction and maintenance products. We work with companies and government agencies throughout the Pacific and South East Asia.

Our dedicated International Trade Services team provides end-to-end solutions, from our warehouses through to your nearest port facilities. Alternatively, if you prefer to work with your own freight forwarder, we offer procurement solutions tailored to your unique requirements.

Why use our service?

Bunnings International Trade Services offers:

  • GST-free transactions for trade account holders
  • Overseas trade credit accounts (pending credit checks)
  • Highly competitive pricing and the widest range of products
  • Your choice of freight forwarding solutions
  • Fast, free quotations
  • FOB - Ex. factory available to volume international customers.

Want to request a quote?

For all International Trade Services enquiries, please contact our export service co-ordinators.

Email us at sales@bunnings.co.nz
Phone : +64 9 978 2200
To request a quote, simply provide a material list or bill of supply. We will quote for materials and freight.

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