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Nail your business management with MYOB

Link your Bunnings PowerPass and MYOB accounts to make managing expenses even easier.

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The service

PowerPass holders can now link their account with MYOB to have invoices land directly in their MYOB inbox each time they make a PowerPass purchase. The software reads and accurately captures the data, removing the need to manually enter your Bunnings receipts.

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2Link your Bunnings PowerPass and MYOB accounts to make managing expenses even easier

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Get your Bunnings expenses sent straight to your MYOB account

By integrating with MYOB, you can:

  • See your spending in real time as your PowerPass bills and receipts are automatically linked to your cashflow
  • Cut down on expenses admin by accurately logging and reporting all your expenses without having to input data manually
  • Be confident at tax time by never missing a business expense

Sign up to MYOB today, you'll only pay for the first month and get 12 months free. T&Cs apply.

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Before you link your MYOB and PowerPass accounts you’ll need to register your PowerPass account to gain online access.