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White timber house  with white picket fence

We make healthy homes happen

We've got a wide range of ventilation, heating and insulation products to help ensure your new and existing rental properties comply with the Healthy Homes Standard.

In 2019 the Residential Tenancies – Healthy Homes Standards were introduced to ensure rental properties meet a minimum standard for heating, insulation, ventilation, draught proofing, moisture ingress and drainage. From July 2021, all private rentals must comply with these standards within 90 days of a new or renewed tenancy.

We have a range of product and service solutions available to ensure your rental property will meet the new regulation.

Healthy Homes Assessments

We’ve partnered with G-Force to bring you a Healthy Homes Standard Assessment service for your rental property. G-Force offer a full assessment, installation and documentation service to help make sure your rental property is compliant with the Residential Tenancies Regulations 2019- Healthy Homes Standards.


The minimum level of ceiling insulation must either meet the 2008 building code, or for existing insulation, have a minimum thickness of 120mm. Domestic living spaces with suspended floors must have underfloor insulation that, at the time of installation, had an R-value of at least 1.3.
installing insulation


There must be one or more qualifying fixed heater(s) that can directly heat the main living room to at least 18°C. Open fires, un-flued gas heaters and electric heaters (excluding heat pumps) with a capacity greater than 2.4Kw do not qualify.
lounge room with blue feature wall and airconditioner


The rental property must have openable windows or doors in the living room, dining room, kitchen and bedrooms. An extractor fan(s) or rangehood must be fitted in rooms with a bath, shower or indoor cooktop.
White wash brick wall with black and stainless steel rangehood

Moisture Ingress and Drainage

Landlords must ensure that their property has an efficient drainage system with guttering, downpipes and outfalls present and in good condition. If the property has a sub-floor, then a ground moisture barrier must also be installed.
tiled roof with guttering and down pipe

Draught stopping

The rental property mustn’t have any unreasonable gaps or holes in walls, floors, windows, doors or the ceiling that will cause draughts.
door seal