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If you applied for a PowerPass account in store and haven’t yet set up details to access your account online, or you are working for a business and have been provided a PowerPass card and need to register it for online access then you need to set up Trade website online access.

Setting up online access will allow you to use Trade website features. Follow the steps below to set up online access.

Step 1.

Select the account icon in the website header followed by the red sign in button.

 Help Guide guide for our powerpass customers

Step 2.

Select the Online access button in the blue notification, or in the link at the bottom of the page.

Help Guide guide for our powerpass customers

Step 3.

Enter your email address in the text field then select the red ‘Check online access' button.

Help Guide guide for our powerpass customers

Step 4.

If you see ‘Set up online access’, you need to register for online access. Continue to step 5.

If you see a ‘Good news’ message, this means you already have online access set up. Continue to sign into your account by selecting the red sign in button.

Help Guide guide for our powerpass customers

Note: Having issues signing into your account? Visit the how to sign in guide.

Step 5.

Complete the form by entering your information.

In the first text field, enter EITHER:

• PowerPass card or account number

       • Card number

             • Trade card numbers are 19 digits. This information can be found on the printed face of the PowerPass card and is also provided in the PowerPass application confirmation. 9 PowerPass account number.

       • Trade account numbers

             • 9 digits and should not include any letters.                          

             • You can find this information in the welcome letter or email received when applying for your PowerPass account.

Help Guide guide for our powerpass customers

Step 6.

Once you have entered your information in the text fields, continue by clicking the red ‘Setup online access button’.

Upon successful completion, you will see an ‘access pending’ screen.

Help Guide guide for our powerpass customers

Your online access request has been sent to the account owner or PowerPass team for approval.

Online access approval can take up to 48 hours. You will receive an email notification upon approval.

Step 7.

Check your email inbox for your email notification (approval may take 48 hours).

Your approval email will contain a link to setup your online access. Click the link to proceed to step 8.

Help Guide guide for our powerpass customers

Step 8.

After clicking the email link, a new browser window will open the ‘Create online access’ page.

Complete the form by populating the text fields with your new online access account information. This is the information you will use to sign into the trade website.

• Account username: An error will appear if the username is not available

• Create a password, the password must contain:

       • At least one upper and one lower case letter

       • A number and a special character

       • Minimum 8 characters

• Choose a security question from the list provided in the dropdown

• Answers must be between 2 and 100 characters and cannot be generic

Help Guide guide for our powerpass customers 

Step 9.

Upon completing the form successfully, click the red ‘Create account’ button. Upon success you should see the account activated page. You are now able to sign in using the credentials you provided.

Help Guide guide for our powerpass customers

Note; If something went wrong during the process, you would see an error screen. You can try again using the link provided.