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Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can use your Commercial PowerPass card for a Special Order. If your Commercial PowerPass was used and a refund is required, the amount will be refunded back on to your account. The tender cannot be returned another way.

Log on to the website and follow the prompts - https://trade.bunnings.co.nz/powerpass. Or, if this isn't possible ring the Commercial PowerPass Support team on 0800 800 695 during business hours, or email PowerPass@bunnings.co.nz.

Yes, you can apply for multiple cards for the new Bunnings Commercial PowerPass. 


Note: it will be one aggregate credit limit across all cards.

Card verification is required for security reasons so that we know that the person using the card is you.

Some banks may not show pending amounts. Please contact your card issuer if you cannot see the pending amount.

This is not currently available in the app. However we are working towards delivering this feature to you in the future.

This is not currently available in the app. However, we are working towards delivering this feature to you in the future.

Zip allows you to make purchases and take your goods straight away, but only pay 25% up front with the rest charged over 3 fortnightly interest free payments.
Zip is NOT available online but is available in all physical Bunnings stores for products excluding gift cards and hire shop deposits.

If you are new to Zip, you will need to download the Zip app on Apple or Android and sign-up, or you can also sign-up online at zip.co/nz.

To shop in-store open the mobile app or login at zip.co/nz and navigate to “in-store” to create an in-store code. Present your code to the team at checkout, or enter yourself at self-checkout. You will need to approve the purchase on your phone once the code is entered.

There is no minimum or maximum spend to shop with Zip at Bunnings, but Zip spending limits are between $150–$1,000.
Yes, you are able to make a partial payment with your available Zip credit, and pay the balance with another payment type if at a staffed checkout. This is not available at self-checkout.
No, Zip cannot be used in conjunction with a Bunnings PowerPass credit account.
There are no fees or interest costs to shop with Zip if you make your payments on time. If you miss a payment, you will be charged an $8 default fee per week it is late (capped at $40 total late fees per purchase). Visit zip.co/nz for more information, full terms and conditions.
Returns can be made in-store, but only for a refund, like-for-like exchanges are not available for Zip purchases. Please refer to our returns page for more information. Find your nearest store.
Please note that Zip is not a service provided by Bunnings. It is a facility offered by Zip Co NZ Ltd. Visit zip.co/nz for more information, full terms and conditions and to apply online.