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With so many home and lifestyle projects made possible with our broad range of products, our customers love sharing their creative projects online. Our social media pages are a great place to share inspirational home renovations, styling, D.I.Y. hints and tips and connect with our community of customers.. 

We welcome your feedback about our products or in-store experience through our social media pages, and we’ll aim respond within two business days..

Just like our stores, our social media pages are a safe and respectful place. We’ll remove comments and posts that include:

  • Discrimination including by reference to race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, age, sexual preference, religion, disability, mental illness or political belief
  • Defamation
  • Illegal activity or references to illegal activity
  • Personally identifiable information
  • Insults or personal attacks
  • Spam or other promotional content not affiliated with Bunnings
  • Links to third-party websites
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  • Obscene or inappropriate language
  • Repetitive, copied and pasted, or duplicated content from single or multiple users

If you seriously or repeatedly breach our community standards, we may block you from posting on any of our social media pages. 

If you see something that's inconsistent with our community standards, please contact us.