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Bunnings Limited PowerPass Usage Terms and Conditions

1) Terms and conditions are all subject to the terms and conditions of the credit agreement (which shall prevail in the event of any inconsistency)

2) If you are a corporation or comprise more than one person you may authorise Bunnings, if it agrees, to issue additional PowerPasses by nominating an authorised user of each additional PowerPass. Additional PowerPass requests must be issued in writing

3) You are liable for all transactions carried out by you using a PowerPass or by a person carrying out a transaction by using a PowerPass with your authority

4) You are also liable for all transactions and other losses caused by unauthorised use of PowerPass unless: I. Caused by the fraudulent or negligent conduct of Bunnings’ employees

II. Caused by a forged or faulty PowerPass

III. For use after you have reported to Bunnings, by giving notice under these terms and conditions, that the PowerPass is being used without your authority or that it has been lost or stolen (unless you have, or the authorised user of the PowerPass has, failed to sign it)

5) Bunnings may vary these terms and conditions from time to time by giving notice of the changed terms and conditions to you, Bunnings, is not required to give advance notice of any changes it deems necessary for security reason. If you use the PowerPass after notification of changes that use is subject to those changes.

6) Each PowerPass is the property of Bunnings and must be returned to Bunnings immediately on request. Report immediately any lost or stolen PowerPass by phoning 0800 800 695 during standard business hours (8am – 5pm)

7) Your card must be activated at a Bunnings store before it can be used at which time you will choose a 4 digit PIN (personal identification number) which must be used to access your account at the time of purchase. You must ensure that you: I. Do not keep the card and PIN together

II. Do not divulge your PIN to anyone

8) You acknowledge that any additional PowerPass holder can obtain information about your account (including account balances and statement information) and report their PowerPass as lost or stolen.

9) In these terms and conditions:

“PowerPass” means each PowerPass to be issued by Bunnings to you

“Bunnings” means Bunnings Ltd

“Credit Terms”means the terms and conditions which apply to PowerPass transactions between Bunnings and you

“Goods” means goods and services supplied or to be supplied by Bunnings to the Applicant including goods manufactured at the Applicants request

“You” means the holder of a PowerPass account with Bunnings by which the holder of the PowerPass account may purchase goods from Bunnings on credit

10) The PowerPass is available only to Business customers for the primary purchase of goods or service in the Business


Bunnings Limited General Acknowledgement and Declaration

a) PowerPass Program Communications - upon signing up to PowerPass, you will receive PowerPass programme marketing communications via your email address. You can update your email communication preferences at any time by logging into your PowerPass account at www.bunningspowerpass.co.nz

b) I declare and warrant to Bunnings that the information provided in this application is true and correct in every particular and I acknowledge that Bunnings will rely upon such information in deciding whether to accept this application; and

c) I am authorised to make this application; and

d) I acknowledge and declare that, by my electronic submission of this application (by typing in my name and clicking on "SUBMIT" below) and by providing the information set out in this application, such submission of this application is of the same status and force and effect as if this application was given in hard-copy form signed under my own hand.

e) I acknowledge that, under clause 5.1 of the full terms and conditions, the Customer and any Guarantor agree that any information about them provided at any time to Bunnings may be used by Bunnings for any purpose connected with its business including (but not limited to) direct marketing, debt collection and credit reporting or assessment. Bunnings is authorised to provide such information to any external agency or party for credit information and assessment purposes and that agency or party is hereby authorised to use and continue to such information as part of their business(es) services Bunnings and the external agency or party may retain and/or use such information for as long as they see fit.